'Space Babes from Outer Space' 2-Disc Stacked Edition Blu-ray

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"Space Babes blasts us out of this world, to what feels like a long-lost USA Up All Night universe!" -- The 13th Floor

Three babes from a faraway galaxy (Ellie Church, Allison Maier, Alyss Winkler) end up stranded on Earth after a surprise encounter with their mortal enemies, the Scrotes! The babes need sexual energy to refuel their ship and return hom. Lucky for them, their newfound friend Charlie (Brian Papandrea) knows just the place to get it — the strip club! Will they harness enough sexual energy to get back home? Or will the Scrotes put another wrinkle in their plans? Find out in this outrageous sci-fi sex comedy from writer/director Brian K. Williams! Featuring puppets by the Clockwerk Creature Company and music by Stackhouse and Glass Apple Bonzai!

Special Features: Disc One (Blu-ray)

  • ‘The Making of Space Babes‘ featurette (20 minutes)
  • Audio Commentary with the Babes: Ellie Church, Allison Maier, and Alyss Winkler
  • Audio Commentary with producers Brian K. Williams and Scott Schirmer
  • Trailers for other independently released movies!

Special Features: Disc Two (DVD)

  • Strip-Your-Own Adventure DVD Game: Choose your dancer, choose what she wears, and choose what she does -- but be careful! Your behavior could get you rewarded or punished!
  • Cooking with Strippers: Learn how to make chicken nuggets and other delicacies with help from beautiful strippers.
  • Stripper Sleepover: Real strippers share their true stories in this laid back panel discussion.
  • Space Babes from Outer Space 8-Bit Arcade Game

"Filled to bursting with lo-fi charm and low-brow humor!" -- Warped Perspective

81 minutes, Color, Stereo, 2.35:1 / 16×9 Anamorphic, English Language. Unrated: This film features substantial nudity, crude humor, and sexual innuendo, and mild profanity and drug use.

"John Waters would be proud." -- The Daily Grindhouse